Occupational Therapy


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Welcome to the UEA Occupational Therapy Society

Occupational Therapists enable people to develop the skills they need for the job of living. As a society, we aim to promote our wonderful profession to the community and provide exciting opportunities for our members to develop our skills further and socialise with others.

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Facebook group: UEAOTSOC

Facebook page: University of East Anglia Occupational Therapy Society (https://www.facebook.com/ueaotsoc/)

Twitter: @UEAOTSoc

Snapchat: ueaotsoc

Instagram: ueaotsoc

Email: otsoc.uea@gmail.com

The 2018/19 Committee members are:

  • President: Zoe Wallace (3rd year BSc)


  • Vice President: Georgia Parr (3rd year BSc)


  • Secretary: Kaley Tong (2nd year BSc)


  • Treasurer: Helen Ronayne (1st year MSc)


  • Media Officer: Christine Swindell (2nd year BSc)
  • Social Secretaries: Bethany Rea (2nd year BSc) & Sophie Tooke (2nd year BSc)


  • Health & Safety Officer: Katie Wohlgemuth (2nd year BSc)
  • Equality and Diversity Officer: Christy Tse (2nd year BSc)
  • Union council representative: Danai Vradi Nesbitt (3rd year BSc)
  • 1st Year BSc Representative: TBC

We hope you enjoy being part of the Occupational Therapy society at UEA and can support us by attending the multiple events/talks/socials we will be holding throughout the year!


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