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For all those who like quizzing, who want a proper quiz every week; for those who want to find teammates for pub quizzes across Norwich; for those who want to quiz against other unis and those who only want to spend 3 quid a year on membership!

We run an evening quiz once a week during term time. Generally our weekly quiz is an easy-going pub quiz-style quiz, but we also shake things up a bit once a while. In 2015 we did a special Pointless week, where two of our committee played Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman for the night and asked quizzers to find the obscure answers as on the hit BBC1 show and in 2017, we ran an Only Connect-style quiz, where players had to guess the connections between four seemingly-random subjects. 


President: Escher Ford

Secretary: George Farr

Treasurer: Jonathan Warne

Union Rep: Jude Beckett

Health and Safety Officer: James Bailey


Email - ueaquizsociety@gmail.com

Twitter - ueaquizsoc

Facebook Group - ueaquizsoc

No elections are currently running