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The ability for capitalism to benefit the majority of society is not possible through the act of reform. As socialists we aim to help build a revolutionary organisation based on socialist principles. We work in alignment with the International Marxist Tendancy (IMT), and are part of the Marxist Student Federation (MSF).

We will be holding discussions on political topics and socialist theory. We will also encourage and support members in attending events, demonstrations, and other discussions held by organisations which align with the ideas of Marxism.

During lockdown we are doing student reading groups and conversations about current events over zoom, and also taking part in online national student events. If you wish to join any, message our facebook page, instagram, or twitter. 

Our current committee:

President: Harvey Tingle (

Treasurer: Elise Page

Secretary: Callum RC Hoy


Marxism on the Grass - Meet the Marxists
Tatlin's Tower (next to the Sainsbury center)
Join us for a discussion on the grass about 'Is international socialism possible in our lifetimes'!