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So, what is Womanism? Coined by prolific black poet and activist Alice Walker, Womanism was created in response to the exclusion of black women from mainstream feminism in the USA during the 20th century and operated in conjunction with the black civil rights movement of the 1960s. Since then, the movement has been exported globally and serves to campaign for racial equality, intersectionality and visibility for women of colour in every context. 

The Womanist Society aims to promote intersectional feminism, provide a vital space for students to explore the world of activism and discuss the challenges that face communities of colour. We are a political society dedicated to creating a platform for all students to critically discuss and challenge contemporary discourse on race and intersectionality, as well as providing a safe space for BME students to express themselves in ways that mainstream feminism has often proved unable to facilitate. 


Committee 2019-2020

President - Dabira Falola

Vice President - Kelechi Nze

Treasurer - Tutu Mukelabai

Secretary - Na'Imah Laurent-Dixon

Social Secretary - Michelle Mutandari 

Union Rep - Susannah Esiri-Bloom

Equality and Diversity Officer - Benjamin Lammy 

Health and safety and events officer - Aimee Ibarra Hempel