Physics & Astronomy


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Welcome to UEA's official Physics & Astronomy Society!

Your committee for 2017/18

President: Tulaine Kent

A physics student at UEA, I'm also a member of the IOP, RSC, and Norwich Astronomical Society. With bags and bags of passion for physics and astronomy and an ever-inquisitive mind, I want to make sure like-minded people at UEA to come together in both fun and educational environments to share a common interest.

Treasurer: Amber Yallop

I am currently studying BSc Physics and am a keen astronomer and astrophotographer. I am excited to be a part of the committee and look forward to meeting everyone.

Social Secretary: Tulaine Kent

As social secretary, I wish to make being a member of UEA’s Physics and Astronomy Society one of the stand-out experiences of your time here. As well as planning lots of exciting trips and talks, I would also like to make the society as active as possible. Send me ideas for speakers, trips, and meets too. I'll do my very best to arrange them!

Academic Officer: Tulaine Kent

I am also a Physics with a FY course rep; this means I sit on and co-chair the SSLC meetings, making sure I raise any issues that my cohorts and I feel need dealing with academically. I also am a member of the Physics Teaching Group, and therefore am at the frontline for making the vital link between the society and the physics and astronomy teaching at UEA.


Fancy having a go at any of the committee positions detailed below? Please contact us for more info!



As secretary, you are responsible for the administration needs of your club or society.


Equality and Diversity Officer: POSITION VACANT

Every student must have an equal opportunity to participate in activities, and although this seems obvious, it's sometimes hard to be inclusive of everyone when we’re all so different. It's not always easy to know if you are excluding people or even how you might be excluding them. That’s why an Equality & Diversity Officer is such a useful position.


Health and Safety Officer: POSITION VACANT

There is a lot of responsibility attached to being Health and Safety Officer, as you are accountable for risk assessing every event and ensuring that the Union is aware of all events you’re putting on.


Union Council Representative: POSITION VACANT

It is down to the Union Council Rep to represent the interests of your club or society’s members and help shape uea(su) policy.