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Missing home? Wishing that you're back home but that's a good 17 hours flight away?

Thinking of backpacking around SEA but know nothing about it?


Welcome to the UEA Southeast Asian society page! This society is open to anyone and everyone regardless whether or not you're from Southeast Asia. Leaving home to study abroad can be pretty tough, why not join a society where you can meet people from the same country as you as well as the neighbouring countries. Interested in knowing more about the plethora of cultures in Southeast Asia? Looking for food socials? Well, this is the society for you! Southeast Asia is made up of 12 different countries namely Brunei, Singapore, Mynmmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. All of which has different cultures and practices.

UEA Southeast Asia society aims to unify the diverse cultures within and to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together with the sole objective to have fun and have a quick break from the hectic life of university. Many of the countries in SEA have different festivals all throughout the year and we strive to acknowledge and even celebrate some of these festivals together! We are aware that Southeast Asia is a popular backpacking destination for many people and we hope that our society can provide a little insight to what SEA is all about (minus the costly plane ticket there).

We will be having plenty of events and socials where you'll get to mingle with others, have fun and even eat. Sign up as a member and dont miss out on this opportunity to be part of the society. We have had these events so far:

Events 2017/18:


September: Welcome Party

October: Norwich City Tour, Halloween Night Out

November: Spicy Noodles Eating Competition, Movie Night

December: Joint Christmas Ball

January: Joint Sushi-Making Night with Japan Society

February: Joint Games Night with Korea Society, Valentines Night Out, Pancake Day

March: Movie Outing, Food Night

April: Annual General Elections, BBQ & Songkran

May: Go Global, Pimp My Barrow 



Southeast Asia commitee of 2017/18. The commitee is made up of students from different countries (both in and out of Southeast Asia)

President: Patricia Jasmine Alcoba [Philippines/Thailand]
Vice President/Equality and Diversity Officer: Chompoo Thanyaset [Thailand]
Treasurer: Erol Magante [Philippines/UK]
Secretary: Gina Kim [South Korea]
Events Coordinator and Administration Officer: Rada Pel [Cambodia]
Union Rep/Assistant Secretary: Zi Zhuen [Malaysia]
Health and Safety: Chloe Tang [Malaysia]
Culinary Officer: Roland Buenafe [Philippines/UK]

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