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What is the Investment Society about?

Whatever our field of study is, over the course of our lives we all need to make some investment decisions that will affect our finances in the near future or in the long term. That can be either trading some stocks, buying a property or investing some of your disposable income in assets that might be financially helpful for your future, providing you with some passive income. At UEA Investment Society we will provide you with the right guidance so you could approach various types of investments with a calculated risk.


Fee structure (£4 for joining)

The fees for joining our society will be used for a range of society expenses. Approximately 35% will be directed towards our equity fund, East Anglia Capital. At least 15% will be held as reserves and the rest will be expenses that cover other social events.


East Anglia Capital

A student led global equity investment fund established in May 2017 with the aim of promoting general understanding of the financial markets and giving UEA Investment Society members an opportunity to experience real world investment management. For those who are interested in pursuing career in finance, this is a unique opportunity to learn more about capital markets and get practical knowledge of portfolio management.


Taiwanese Society Elections 2018

This is where you nominate yourself and vote in the Taiwanese society committee elections 2018.

8 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 12:00 on Friday 22 June 2018 (in 24 hours)

The polls open at 17:00 on Friday 22 June 2018 (in 29 hours)

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