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Our society:

The American Law Society is primarily aimed at students enrolled on the LLB Law with American Law course, however, it is open to all students with an interest in America, and its effect on the global, financial and political scene. 

As our society is growing, members will have a unique opportunity to help shape it into the society that they want to see, providing members who take an active role with an excellent opportunity to add a range of skills to their résumé.

We are planning to run a range of socials this year. Some of these will be exclusively for our members, however, we are also aiming to run a few larger socials with other societies to encourage members to meet people outside of their course. In addition to socials, we are keen to maintain an academic focus. We are hoping to run competitions and debates throughout the year, focusing on both America and its impact on the world. 

Due to the prevalence of America in the global scene, we hope that by following its actions members will gain an invaluable awareness of the world, in both legal and business spheres. We aim to keep members up to date with business and legal news coming out of America, as well as linking it with the effect that it has both domestically and globally. 

As previously stated, we hope to grow our society significantly this year, and as part of this, the committee welcomes any ideas for events, socials and activities. It is our goal to make the American Law society versatile and wide-ranging, providing members with the best possible experience, as well as the tools to improve CV's and applications, helping careers in the long run.

Interested in joining?

We have a Facebook group that all members will be added to, this will be used to organise events and share relevant news. Also, follow us on Instagram @UEAAmericanLawSoc

We hope to see you soon! 

Your committee:

President: Sophie Milne 

Vice President: Sian Meaden

Secretary: Charltrice Sawyerr

Treasurer: Charltrice Sawyerr

Publicity Officer: Sian Meaden

Equality and Diversity Officer: Ryan Bingham

Careers Secretary: Sian Meaden

Heath and Safety Officer: Grace O'Gorman

Union Council Rep: Grace O'Gorman

Social Secretary: Karolina Roszkowska


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us using the email provided.


Former Committee (2019/20):

President: Kezia Battley 

Vice President: Megan Morrison 

Secretary: Megan Latschrauner

Treasurer: Karolina Roszkowska

Social Secretary: Megan Morrison

Publicity Officer: Kezia Battley

Health and Safety Officer: Karolina Roszkowska

Union Council Rep: Megan Latschrauner




No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running