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UEA Assassins Society

If you want to kill your friends for fame and fortune, then the Assassins society is for you! We run week-long games where the aim is to hunt down other members of the society and "eliminate" them. In addition to this, we run minigames every other Saturday afternoon (weather permitting), along with occasional socials.


Almost anything can be used as a lethal weapon! Nerf guns are our most common weapons of choice, but kills have previously been made with light-sabers, spatulas, pens and a banana, amongst other things. The only restrictions are that your weapons must not actually hurt anyone, and they must not make a mess, so no BB guns, and no water pistols!


Our week-long games include the likes of the classic Team Deathmatch, the momentum-based Warlords (your victims join your team on the following day), the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, and the nail-biting Guild game. In these games, you can typically expect to join back in on the next day if you die, and you can identify the other players by looking for a green or yellow armband on their arm. However, in the Guild game no armbands are worn, and you are instead given two things: photos of your targets, and their timetables. Watch your back!
Our minigames take a more fast-paced form than the week-long games. We get out our bigger guns (and often lend them to newer members if we think you're outgunned) before engaging in call-of-duty-style nerf wars in Earlham Park or Outside the Ziggurats for an hour or two. We often head to the bar afterwards, and this is a great opportunity to properly meet and make friends with your fellow assassins!

Assassins Varsity

Every year, the Assassins societies from around the UK meet up for a bumper session of minigames over a weekend. We get to hang out with other large guilds such as Sheffield, York and Durham, check out the host city and have a lot of fun!

Further Information and Event Schedule

All details about our upcoming events can be found through our Facebook page, along with rules, and the occasional bounty for rewards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message any of the committee through their Facebook profiles or directly email the society at

Committee for the year 2018/19:

President - Nathaniel Hammacott
Secretary - Luke Ackroyd
Treasurer - Aaron Lee
Union Rep - Justin Cheetham
Health and Safety Officer - Alex Samuel
Equality and Diversity Champion - Mustafa Mahmoud
Social Sec - Zachary Ashford
Gamesmaster - Becca Rowson
First Year Rep - (TBA)