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Welcome to BioSoc 2020/21!

We welcome all students studying degrees in BIO, and have lots of socials planned for you throughout the year. Our usual socials would include the infamous Lab Coat Bar Crawl, Christmas ball, and lots of LCR trips. We hope to still be able to put on some of these event later in the year, but have planned a variety of virtual, more COVID-friendly, socials in the meantime. Joining BioSoc is a great way to make friends and make the most of your university experience - so why not! Although this year might be slightly different we will try and organise as many events that we can both virtual and in person, we look forward to seeing you all thoughout the year!

Your Commitee members for this year are:

VP and SECRETARY: Jordan Champion
TREASURER: Oliver Steward
UNION REP: Oliver Wardrop
SOCIAL SEC: Cameron Rayment
MEDIA & MARKETING: Flora Mcguirk
HEALTH & SAFETY: Polina Terechova
FIRST YEAR REP: Alexis Pereira
SECOND YEAR REP: Hayley Johnson

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep updated on events and for some cool bio pics and facts to spice up your feed! Feel free to pop us a message on our social media, or email us if you have any questions!





BAME in BIO is a student-led working group within BIO, which seeks to identify areas of inequality within UEA, working with faculty staff to achieve real change. The group has a Student Chairperson, Rithika Nalli, and a Faculty Chairperson, Dr. Mark Coleman, ensuring ideas proposed are heard and can be enacted. Whilst BAME in BIO operates independently of BioSoc, we hope to form a strong relationship in order to form a greater sense of an inclusive community within BIO. 

The Student Chairperson, Rithika Nalli, gives a brief description of what BAME in BIO hopes to achieve below:

"There is a real, statistically significant gap between the student achievement of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups and White student groups within UK universities. Given the current racial climate and the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that we all come together to provide a safe space for BAME and non-BAME students alike - becoming part of our BAME in BIO group is an exciting opportunity to discuss and facilitate much needed change within UEA! Our group discussions and events will provide a safe, supportive, friendly student environment for anyone to share their experiences and thoughts on racial inequality within university and how we can narrow the achievement gap and prioritise inclusivity. Being a member of this group not only suggests your advocacy for dismantling racial inequality within higher education, but across society. Anything we implement, no matter how small, will start the ball rolling towards a reality wherein one’s ethnic background does not limit their ability to achieve."

If you are interested in joining BAME in BIO, or would like to know more, please get in touch by emailing: