Clinical Specialities


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Patient: "so what do want to specialise in?"

Medical student:  *standard response, explaining they don't know yet*

Let's help you change that!


The UEA Clinical Specialties Society is a relatively new society, offering opportunities to deepen your understanding of the Clinical specialities of medicine  We aim to raise awareness and support medical students in the decision-making process they must eventually face when choosing their career path! 

We hope to continue running various events throughout the year, including talks from speciality doctors, research opportunities, building your portfolio, revision sessions on specialised parts of medicine (we held the best haematology revision session in past years, just saying), collaborations with our partner Insidemedicine ( Instagram or, and Exam-style quizzes 


Sounds good, doesn’t it?

See you soon! 



President - Yzobelle Barcelos 

Vice President - Sadiqa Alam 

Secretary -  Ali Al-Shakarji 

Treasurer - Yosef Mustafa 

Equality and diversity officer - Helin Emin 

Health and Safety officer- Hande Emin

Union council Rep and Founder - Ali 


No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running