Eye Soc


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A society for students interested in the human eye!

We cover a wide range of topics from anatomy and physiology of the eye to clinical ophthalmology and associated research. Very recently we have linked ourselves with the School of Biological Sciences introducing new exciting possibilities for Eye Soc such as research!

Our society is open to students studying any course but with a primary focus on students from MED, BIO, HSC and SCI.

We have lots of events throughout the year:

  • Talks from ophthalmology specialists

  • Preparation for the RCOphth Duke Elder examinations 

  • Ophthalmology revision sessions

  • Charity events

  • Tips for your portfolio

  • Advice and career support for students who want to find out more ophthalmology

  • NEW! Research opportunities and seminars from Professor Michael Wormstone of the School of Biological Sciences (BIO) 

Information on upcoming events will be advertised on our Facebook page and through e-mails.

Eye Soc Committee 2019/20:

President: Tharsiga Yogarajah

Vice President: Galal Imtiaz

Secretary: Fiona Gurung

Treasurer: Shailee Popat

Publicity Officer: Yash Arora

Equality and Diversity Officer: Umar Pervez

Charity Officer: Minahil Rashid

Union Council Representative: Georgina Ali

Eye Heroes Representative: Anna Clark

Professor Michael Wormstone will be the School of Biological Sciences Coordinator liaising with the committee dealing with any queries regarding research and lab work within BIO

No elections are currently running