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UEA Music Society is a society which gives any student the opportunity to play, perform, meet new people and generally have a lot of fun! All of our groups are un-auditioned so whether you've just started playing or are grade 8 come along and enjoy!

As a society we are currently made up of 8 ensembles:

CONCERT BAND - A mainstay of of Music Society, Concert Band is an ensemble featuring woodwind, brass and percussion in all their glory. Our repertoire includes original wind compositions, arranged classical items, light music, and popular tunes, such as film music. Concert Band has a lively social atmosphere to compliment its exciting music. We primarily work towards performing in a concert at the end of each semester.

BIG BAND - Big Band is UEA's premier stage band! With a big sound, playing exciting and challenging songs, Big Band aims to have to fun whilst getting to grips with both the latest and greatest swing/ballad/funk/Latin numbers. Aside from playing its own stand-alone biannual concerts, it also features in the twice-yearly Music Society Showcase. It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing!

CHOIR - Choir is open to all students and alumni who want an opportunity to sing. Ability to read music is not required. Our repertoire covers a range of styles, from classical pieces through show tunes to modern pop. As a result, choir ends up performing at all types of events, such as the Musical Theatre concerts largely based around our fantastic singers!

JAZZ COLLECTIVE - Jazz Collective is a smaller, more flexible band covering various styles and has become UEA's official function band. The band play around 20 gigs throughout the academic year at UEA and around Norwich, ranging from jazz standards at private university charity dinners, to contemporary jazz at society balls, to pop songs at the UEA Snowball! This makes the band versatile and ready for any kind of gig.

UEA STRING ENSEMBLE - UEA String Ensemble launched in November 2016 and has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, with it reaching its highest number of members for its current iteration this year. They play all kinds of music, ranging from musicals to traditional classical music- essential, any music that they enjoy! All bowed string players are welcome as long as you're happy playing as a group!

FLUTE ENSEMBLE - The flute ensemble perform arrangements of all kinds of music, from renaissance tunes to film music, with parts available for players of all abilities. 

BRASS ENSEMBLE - The brass ensemble is a small group of brass musicians. We are one of the newest ensembles within the UEA Music Society and include players from all backgrounds, ranging from brass bands to orchestral brass. We look to play a mix of not only traditional brass music such as hymns and marches but also up to date tunes such as arrangements of film music and pop songs. 

CLARINET CHOIR- Music Society's newest addition, Clarinet choir seeks to provide a unique opportunity for clarinet players to show off their talents outside of the larger ensembles of Concert and Big Band. Playing a variety of music from classical to pop to film, their main aim is to have fun and play in a relaxed and supportive environment, with parts available for all abilities. 

UEACAPELLA - UEAcapella was founded from a desire to bring together individuals, passionate for purely vocal performance and blend their talents to give UEA a presence in the contemporary, collegiate acapella scene. UEAcapella aims high, providing a platform for skilled and dedicated singers and beatboxers to perform with their peers - improving as individuals and as a collective. We welcome auditions from all performers.

LIVE MUSIC - The Live music exsists for musicians with a conventional intrest in band-forming, songwriting and generally in live performance. We create events that bring musicians together and that encourage them to perform in their own way. This is through open mic nights in the student bar or jam sessions that cultivate a diverse and supportive live music community.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR OTHER SMALL GROUPS - if you have any ideas about other smaller groups you'd wish to formulate, let us know and we can try to help you organise it, from helping to find other musicians to rooms where you can rehearse and equipment you can use!


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No elections are currently running