Neuro Soc


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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the way we learn in univeristy. However, NeuroSoc are committed to delivering teaching sessions online, as well as develop online learning resources for students!


As a society we aim to provide:

  • Revision lectures to help grasp neurology better
  • Organise mock OSCEs, in collaboration with UEA EyeSoc, to allow members to gain more experience 
  • Hold talks from consultants to provide members with insight of what a career in neurology would entail
  • Fundraise for charities. 
  • Allow collaboration of students with similar interests in neurology 

For any queries, feel free to email us at

Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook at @ueaneurosoc. 

NeuroSoc committee for 2020-2021:

President: Roshni Bahri. 

Vice President & Equality and Diversity Officer : Piraya Saereesithipitak.

Secretary: Munira Mohamud. 

Health and Safety Officer: Salaam Motin. 

Union Council Rep: JJ Chauhan. 

Education Officer: Micheal Makarchuk. 

Publicity Officer: Anna Ginzler 

Charity Officer: Pavithira Sivagangan


No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running