We are the Surgical Society at Norwich Medical School, based at the University of East Anglia. Founded in 2005, the Society aims to promote surgery and its sub-specialties to members by organising a variety of events, ranging from careers talks and skills sessions to peer-led lectures. Our events are tailored to students of all interests as several of our teaching sessions cover necessary OSCE skills and we work to provide excellent anatomy revision sessions for all years. 

We are proud to be the largest medical academic society in UEA, and we recently won a national academic society of the year award! You can join us with a lifelong membership at £20 if you are a 1st-3rd year student or a lifelong membership at £15 if you are a 4th or 5th year student.



President: Isabelle Sanders
Vice President: Ahmar Iftikhar Talib
Secretary: Mason Min
Treasurer: Ahmar Iftikhar Talib
Publicity Officer: Sofia Breeze
Practical Events Officers: Luky Sena and Niamh Craske
Surgery in Schools Coordinator: Will Cregan
Mentor-Mentee Officer: Matthew Kane
Health and Safety Officer: Ellie Bramall


No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running