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Hello, both budding and established photographers!

We are the photography society and take pride in our society. 

We hope to create a community that works towards uplifting each other to new levels within photography, as well as competing with each other in monthly competitions - because that drive also means that people will look to improve upon their skills!

We accept anyone and everyone, from beginners to amateurs to professionals in ANY field that you practice.

You don't need a big and expensive camera to always produce good photos, most of the time you just need a clear understanding of the 'Exposure Triad' (and if you don't yet, we've got you), a creative mind and a little bit of editing underneath your wings to take off. 

We have a lot of goals this year for this society and these include:

  1. Monthly themes - with videos to help support people towards concepts surrounding these themes.
  2. Regular Photography meetups -  the perfect opportunity to meet other photographers and take some photos! 
  3. Photography Workshops - enhance your skills from camera basics to pro editing techniques! 
  4. Photography Business Workshops - Learn the business side of photography!
  5. Photo Competitions (with prizes) -  also, we would love everyone involved with competitions so you have something to put on a portfolio (we might even help you get them published...)
  6. Sharing resources & learn through online content - learn even more from awesome professionals! 
  7. Collaborations with other societies - for those who are particularly confident in their skill or just want to give different kinds of photography a good (e.g. food photography) we have plans towards that.
  8. Socials (hopefully...) - such as pub crawls and quizzes

Due to Covid-19 some of these will be able to run now (start of the academic year); such as workshops, but, some will have to wait till rules/restrictions are changed; such as socials.

We want this to be one of the most chill, most fun and creative societies there are.

2020/21 Committee:

  • President: Alexandro Theodorou
  • Vice President/Treasurer: Mary Hon
  • Secretary: Samuel Baxter
  • Union Council Rep: Dylon Thoo

Currently, we do have some committee positions to fill:

  • First Year Rep
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Equality and Diversity Officer

Message us on social media or send us an email at and we can send you the details and you can apply to be on this years committee! 

Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@ueaphotosoc) and Facebook (UEA Photography Society)

We hope you join and get the most out of our society! :-)