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At UEA Pride, we aim to provide a large range of welfare support and social opportunities to UEA's LGBTQ+ students. We strive for a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where students can meet new people, have someone to talk to or just even a place to chill out. We run sober socials and those where people can consume alcohol! UEA Pride is free to join, and open and welcoming to everyone, so bring along your friends no matter how they identify!  

The majority of our events are currently being held online through our Discord server! Creating a Discord account is free and takes just a few minutes, and our server is a welcoming community through which you can easily connect with other members of UEA Pride!


Pride Society Committee For Academic Year 2020/2021

President: Eleanor Horgan

Vice President (Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex): Aaron Shepherd

Vice President (PoC): Krysta-Jo McKenzie

Treasurer: Elise Devine

Secretary: Kasper Hassett

Social Secretary/Health and Safety Officer: Daniel Kilbel

Equality and Diversity Officer: Daniel Kilbel

Women's Welfare Rep: Kay Sutkowski

Men's Welfare Rep: *

Lesbian Welfare Rep: Florence Strang Boon

Gay Welfare Rep: Liam Webb

Bi/Pan Welfare Rep: *

Asexual and Aromantic Welfare Rep: Freya Murphy

Trans, Non-Binary and Intersex Welfare Rep: Isaac Ahmer

Disabled Students' Welfare Rep: Freya Murphy

POC Welfare Rep: *

International Students' Welfare Rep: Clara Ehlers

Mature and Postgraduate Students' Welfare Rep: Kate Hicks

Union Council Rep: Anastasia Christodoulou

First Year Rep: *

*These positions are currently unfulfilled, so keep an eye out for opportunities to join the committee.



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Twitter - @UEAPride

Instagram - @ueapride

Discord - UEA Pride

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