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Welcome to Skate Soc.

  • Who is in the committee and how can I contact them if I have any inquiries?
    • President:Alex Williams,
    • Vice-President: Joe Kenyon,
    • Secretary: Tom Berry,
    • Treasurer: Susannah Esiri-Bloom,
    • Health and Safety Officer: Morgan Conway,
    • Equality and Diversity Officer: Ewan Holmes,
    • Union Council Representative: King Ng,


  • What is the Skate Society?

A society linking those who are interested and have a passion in skateboarding. Whilst skateboarding can be intimidating, the society aims to include everyone – from those who have never skateboarded before, but are interested in learning, to those who have more experience on a skateboard.

  • I have never skateboarded before, but I am interested in learning and trying it out. Can I sign up?

The Skate Soc provides spare complete boards and safety gear to those who do not have a skateboard, allowing them to try it out. Additionally, the society aims to help the less experienced to learn tricks.

  • When are the skate sessions, and where?

The society usually hosts two sessions if the weather permits it. One session is held during the week, usually on Wednesdays starting at 1pm, ending around 4-5pm. Additionally, there is a weekend session either on Saturday or Sunday at 1pm. The sessions usually take place at Eaton Park Skatepark, which is approx. 5-10 mins away from the centre of campus. Sometimes trips are organized to other spots (e.g. Charge Unit, an indoor skatepark).

  • How do I stay up to date with the society?

By becoming a member you join our Facebook group, where information is posted regarding sessions, news, contests, polls, opinions etc. Additionally, members get sent emails only regarding any relevant news in the society. There is also an Instagram and Snapchat account where we post clips of members and stories reminding members of sessions.

  • SU Website:
  • Instagram: @ueaskateboarding
  • Snapchat: ueask8boarding
  • Facebook:
  • What else happens in the society apart from skateboarding?

The society hosts get togethers, where members watch skate movies whilst enjoying refreshments (e.g. pizza). At the beginning of the year, the society meets in the SU bar as to enjoy some food and drinks. The society designs and sells merch.

  • How much does it cost?

£3 Membership fee.