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Welcome to Skate Soc.

  • Who is in the committee and how can I contact them if I have any inquiries?
    • President: Harrison Plant
    • Vice-President: Ben Pettitt,
    • Secretary: Vacant position
    • Treasurer: Vacant position
    • Health and Safety Officer: Vacant position
    • Equality and Diversity Officer: Rosie Bear,
    • Union Council Representative: Oscar Ratcliffe,
    • Social Secretary: Ewan Holmes,


  • What is the Skate Society?

A society linking those who are interested and have a passion in skateboarding. Whilst skateboarding can be intimidating, the society aims to include everyone – from those who have never skateboarded before, but are interested in learning, to those who have more experience on a skateboard.

  • I have never skateboarded before, but I am interested in learning and trying it out. Can I sign up?

The Skate Soc can provide spare complete boards and safety gear to those who do not have a skateboard, allowing them to try it out - absolutely any range of ability is welcomed in the society!

When are the skate sessions, and where?

The society aims to host two sessions a week, weather permitting. One session is held during the week, usually on Wednesdays starting at 1pm, ending around 5pm - although feel free to drop in and out as suits you! The second is a weekend session either on Saturday or Sunday at 1pm. The sessions usually take place at Eaton Park, which is around 5-10 mins away from the centre of campus - we are excited to start organising trips to other parks around the area, to help us all develop new skills and add some variety to the sessions!

  • How do I stay up to date with the society?

By becoming a member you join our Facebook group, where information is posted regarding sessions, news, contests, polls, opinions etc. Email Harrison Plant. our president at to make sure we've got you added to the Facebook group, as it's where we organise and update you on our events!

  • SU Website:
  • Instagram: @ueask8
  • Facebook:
  • What else happens in the society apart from skateboarding?

With Covid-19 restrictions easing as we begin this year, we're aiming to host society social nights, both on and off-campus, providing also non-alcohol events to promote a inclusive atmosphere in the society. On campus, we're able to book out rooms to meet up and get to know each other, watch skate videos together and get some food. If you have any ideas for socials you'd like to see, or activities to do as a society, feel free to contact any of the committee to put your ideas forward - it's your society and your university experience so make the most of it!

  • How much does it cost?

There's a £3 membership fee, which goes towards the costs of equipment and events, helping us to make the most of our community.


No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running