Teddy Bear Hospital


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What is Teddy Bear Hospital? 

Teddy Bear Hospital is a worldwide charity that aims to educate children on the role of doctors to help alleviate childhood anxieties surrounding medical environments and teach them a little more about their physical and mental health. 


What do we do?

Here at UEA we normally run ‘clinics’ at local primary schools and rainbow groups for children 5-7 years old. During these ‘clinics’ we play fun and educational games with the children that cover topics such as healthy eating, the human skeleton, teddy bear surgery, stethoscope making and teddy bear doctors.

The children each bring in their own teddy bear to our events to be seen by the teddy bear doctors. The teddy bear doctors will then prescribe relevant treatments for the teddy bears that include hugs and plasters.

We run our events on Wednesday afternoons and occasionally on Saturday mornings to accommodate rainbow groups. We aim to run up to 10 sessions each year and anyone who joins the society can sign up to any sessions that suit them.


Contact us:

Please don't hesistate to contact us if you have any questions about what we do or joining the society.

Our facebook page is the best place to keep up to date on upcoming events and other exciting announcements - it can be found by searching "Teddy Bear Hospital UEA" or here:

We also have a new instagram account - we can be found by searching "@teddybearhospital_uea" or via the link: 




Committee 2021-2022

President: Erin Vince  

Vice-President: Jemimah Thomas 

Secretary: Leonie Luck 

Treasurer: Roxane Lam 

Publicity Officer: Chiara Rocker-Cook 

Equality and Diversity Officer: Dafni Manthiou 

Health and Safety Officer: Philippa Tan 

Union Council Representative: Cinthu Vivehananthan

First Year Rep: Maya Prashad



No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running