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Oh great! If you are here, you like TED Talks! Or at least, you know what TED Talks are.

See I might not know who you are or what you study, but I can bet you like learning new things and spreading knowledge.. Well that’s what we do as a Society.

IDEAS WORTH SPREADING” - That’s the idea.

We have acquired a TEDx License and thus hold the right to organize this year’s TEDxUniversityofEastAnglia (long name, I know..). As a society we will focus on two things:

- First, organizing the event. From finance and budgeting to marketing and creative thinking, passing through human resources and logistics. You will choose in which areas to focus and together we will organize a great full-day event at the end of February. 

- Second, making the most out of this incredible experience. We will train the members (both internally and with external speakers) in skills such problem-solving, effective communication, time-management, among many others.

Also, all of our members are people who look beyond the “facade” of things, so you might also get to know some interesting people in the way.

This is our committee:

- Social Secretary: Trishala Sanyal

- First-Year Rep: Syed Saad

- TreasurerTreasurer: Abdalla Takroni

- Secretary: Valentina Portilla-Martinez

- Vice President: Achuta Mir Masoumi

- President (& UC rep): Fabrizio Contartese

All members of our committee are passionate about TED talks and the ideas they share and create.

We will offer official certificates to all our Active Members, and you will also get the opportunity to assist the TED event for free. Also... free t-shirt!

For our best members, we will provide a dinner with the speakers... which we will choose together!


So... What are you waiting for?


For more information, please contact us:

Email: uea.ted.soc@gmail.com

Facebook: TEDx University of East Anglia

No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running

No elections are currently running