UEA Filipino Society


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Mabuhay! Welcome to the UEA Filipino Society (also known as UEA FilSoc) where we plan at least two events each month throughout the academic year. We would like to share our culture (and food!) welcoming everyone from all backgrounds to try something new! Mga pinoys, come experience a home away from home. Join our Facebook Group www.facebook.com/ueafilipinosociety and follow us on IG @ueafilsoc to stay up to date with more news and future events!

2019-2020 Committee Members

President: Kate Tolentino

Vice President: Justin Perfecto

Secretary & Equality and Diversity Officer: Sonia Jackson

Treasurer: Maryam Almajed

Health and Safety Officer: Ivan Estrabo

Publicity Officer: Jairah Lubay

Union Council Rep: Clara Del Rosario

Events Coordinator: Ara Jean Maesa

Upcoming Events 2019-20*

  • Freshers Fayre

  • Welcome Party

  • Haunting at BDS

  • Basketball/Volleyball Tournament

  • Kareoke Nights

  • Christmas Ball

  • Nandos Feast

  • Boodle Fight

*More events to be added throughout the year!