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History Society 2018/19


Will David Barham



Josh Beaven 



Izzie Hockey 


Social Secretary:                   

William Partridge


Field Trip Coordinator:           

Sarah Cramp


Health and Safety Officer:     

Maddy Walker


Academic Officer:                   

Molly Blaser


Student Union Council Rep:

Rob Symonds 


The UEA History Society offers you the opportunity to join one of the liveliest and most outgoing societies on campus. We pride ourselves on our diversity, offering our members a vast range of social activities ranging from pub crawls and club nights to our other eagerly anticipated events including the winter field trip and the spring ball, all the while stressing the importance of having a damn good time. For the small price of £5.00, members will enjoy an entire year of discounted club entry fees, exclusive society merchandise plus a vast array of greater social opportunities. Should you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Our office hours span from 12:00am - 2:30am EVERY Tuesday and Saturday on the LCR's main dance floor.





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