The Law Society is a great way to develop your skills for life after your degree through our 6 competitions and many workshops that we put on over the course of the year. As well as the academic side, we have many socials across the year with various themes including annual balls! We are also offering the chance to join our trip abroad hosted in February this year, where we will be going to Prague! The Society boasts to have won the Law Careers Net award for the ‘Best Pro Bono Activities’ of any law society in the United Kingdom because of the work in our local community. Furthermore, Law Society was nominated for UEA's best academic society in the past few years too. 

The Law Society is a great opportunity to develop your career pathway, build a well-developed network, develop transferable skills and enjoy a variety of entertaining social events!

General Committee Members:

  • President ~ Maggie Berry (Harriet Hughes)
  • Vice President ~ Alex Christos (Bradley Cohen)
  • General Secretary ~ Lucy Wolfenden (Molly Mackay)
  • Treasurer ~ Eleanor Chapman
  • Director of Competitions ~ Ellie Rose (Lilika Peutherer)
  • Social Secs ~ Chloe Jones & Becky Kitching (Rhianna Duncombe & Rachel Parsons)
  • Publicity Secretary ~ Megan Prosser (Harriet Smith)
  • Equality and Diversity Officer ~ Njay Ungwe (Academic and Welfare Officer ~ Ellie Hodgson)
  • Solicitors Careers Secretary ~ Jade Conway (Layla Darbandi)
  • Barristers Careers Secretary ~ Sian Meaden (Kezia Battley)
  • Sports Secretary ~ Khrizelle Lascano (Andrew Rabjohn)

General committee members for the academic year 19/20 are in brackets.