Student Action for Refugees


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STAR is a national charity of 34,000 students welcoming refugees to the UK. Together we:

  • Volunteer at local refugee projects
  • Campaign to improve the lives of refugees
  • Educate people about refugees and asylum

STAR is made up of 50 groups at universities and colleges across the UK and a national team which co-ordinates and supports the groups.  STAR groups are students’ union societies which are affiliated to the charity. The charity is governed by STAR’s Board of Trustees, elected annually by the students themselves.


  • Fundraises for local organisations that support refugees, migrants and asylum seekers
  • Campaigns for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers 
  • Holds events to increase awareness of the issues faced by refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Be part of a movement of students building a society where refugees are welcomed and treated as equal members of the community and join UEA STAR!

2020/2021 Committee:

President: Amina Scott-Dooman 

Vice President: Hanna Kuehn  

Volunteering coordinator: Amelia Elvins  

Treasurer: Leah Pickering 

Campaigns Officer: Emily Brown 

Social Secretary: Mia Sackville-Adjei and Anu Anushya

Publicity Secretary: Ella Noyes and Milly Isaac 



No elections are currently running