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The University of East Anglia Conservative Association (UEACA) is the oldest and largest political society on campus. In 2018/19, we had more members than UEA Labour Students and the UEA Liberal Democrat’s, combined. We host the most active agenda of socials, campaigning sessions and trips. You’ll see a full list of our planned events for the first semester towards the bottom of this page, if you're a member. If you're not, and want to hear about what we do - just get in contact to enquire! Members have access to a range of social and political events, in addition to election rights to appoint the executive and meet similar thinking people. 

The Association has close links with the Norwich Conservative Federation as well as the wider Party. We have agreements with the Conservative Party and a variety of Conservative Members of Parliament for them to take on a number of our members each year, as interns whilst they complete their studies.  Many of our students leave the university to secure full time jobs in Parliament, through these experiences and links they’ve enjoyed from the society.  In 2018/19, all of the UEA Conservatives who had undertaken Parliamentary internships whilst at UEA graduated with contracts exchanged for full time Parliamentary jobs working for a variety of Government MP’s.

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The Association plays a key part in local politics and is committed to ensuring that there is a Conservative victory at the next election. We work closely with Chloe Smith MP in Norwich North, and Dr Michael Spencer in Norwich South to ensure these seats return Conservative MP’s in any future election.

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