how can I volunteer with uea(su)?

Volunteering with uea(su) gives you the opportunity to give back to the student community and develop transferable skills that employers look for. There are so many reasons to volunteer whilst at university! It can be so rewarding, and gives you the unique opportunity to make a difference to people's live, the local community or the student community. Here are some of the 

buddy(su) Volunteers: 

Become a buddy volunteer and support new students to make the most of their university experience. Everyone’s experience at UEA is different and for some students joining a club or society can be overwhelming. We are looking for volunteers who want to help make that experience for new students even better by supporting them with regular meet ups, promoting buddy events and being a friendly face. buddy(su) volunteers will contact their buddy over email and meet up with their matched buddies to see how they are settling in. As a volunteer you can benefit from a 241 Unio card, great CV experience and opportunity to develop your skills further with our student leader programme.  buddy(su) also supports societies who want to develop their own buddy system or run a specific event for buddy members. To find out more and sign up please click here


Do Something Different Ambassadors 

As brand ambassadors and event assistants, DSD ambassadors are integral to the running of the Do Something Different programme and help spread our message that there is a DSD event everyday on campus. If you are interested in gaining volunteer experience whilst attending and managing exciting events across, then this is the position to you! 

Course Reps:

Course Reps are the students on your course who work with the University to bring about positive changes. They’re your first port of call about anything related to your course and educational experience here at UEA. Becoming a Rep will give you the chance to have a say in how your course is run and develop your negotiation and leadership skills. Click to find out more about Course Reps.

Event Volunteers:

The SU holds several big events over the year, including Freshers and Refreshers Fayres, Go Global, Derby Day and Pimp My Barrow. Thousands of students attend these and so we always need some extra pairs of hands to help on the day. Event Volunteers might be needed to set up tables and equipment, give students directions and help look after visiting companies on the day. We advertise when we’re looking for volunteers for specific events, so keep an eye out for those! We’ll advertise across Facebook, Twitter and emails.

Student Group Committee Members:

If you’re on the committee for a club, society or peer support group, then you are a volunteer because you’re giving up your time to help run your group! There are so many skills you develop by being a committee member that you may not have thought of. If you’re a Treasurer, you’ve learned how to manage a budget and if you’re a President, chances are you’ve developed your ability to problem solve and manage conflict. All committee members develop skills such as organisation, time management, communication skills and leadership skills through the work you do – and these will all look fantastic on your CV! Not only this, but you'll have so much fun, make friends for life and get to be in charge of your group, making decisions for the group and have a say in how the Union runs things for you!

Take a look at our section in the Committee Hub which focusses on all of the roles you could apply for.

Societies / Sport Executive Rep:

Being a rep on Societies or Sport Executive is also an act of volunteering and is a fantastic example to give to employers. The negotiation and decision-making skills you develop on one of these Execs are hugely valuable and you’re also showing that you’re keen to get involved in the wider student community. The Exec teams are made up of a group of committee members, who volunteer their time to represent their society or club members, and can make a massive difference in changing the way we run things in the Union on behalf of society and club members Find out more about Societies and Sport Execs.