Outreach - volunteering in schools and the community

Insight2University Mentoring 

Are you interested in inspiring more black-heritage school & college pupils to apply to leading universities?  If so, our Insight2Uni e-mentoring programme offers an amazing opportunity to support the next generation of pupils while developing your own interpersonal and leadership skills.

As a positive black-heritage role model, you’ll:

  • Empower your mentee with the confidence to apply to aspirational universities
  • Enable them to make well informed university choices
  • Equip them with the knowledge to create a high quality UCAS application

 “It felt great to help a young student answer questions that took me years to find out,” Sophia, Bristol University mentor.

You can see the impact of the programme on mentors & mentees in our class of 2020 video here

The programme consists of monthly online sessions from March to December with the flexibility to fit them around your existing study schedule.  So, if you are committed to helping young people to shape their future and can offer a maximum of two hours per month then get in touch.

Due to the nature of this role, applications from students from Black heritage backgrounds are strongly encouraged.  Final appointment will be based on merit.

Full training and on-going support will be provided by both UEA and the With Insight team.

Simply complete a short application form here by Friday 26th February 2021.

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact the insight2uni team at insight2uni@gmail.com or get in touch with the outreach team at outreach@uea.ac.uk.  

Clubs and Societies Outreach

Click here to see the current clubs and societies that have an Outreach Project in local schools and colleges. 

You can either get directly in contact with the club or society to join in or you can email our Outreach coordinator that can get in touch on your behalf - l.denley@uea.ac.uk. It is important to note that you will need to be a member of the club or society to be involved. 

Outreach leadership Project

Key Stage:3/4, Years:9-11

Aim:Upskill pupils who have leadership roles within schools, on a variety of topics to help fulfil their roles and be the best leaders they can be. Expose pupils to University students who are also in positions of leadership, who can provide advice and guidance and be a role model. 

Many secondary schools in Norfolk and North Suffolk provide their pupils with opportunities to become school leaders. These opportunities include: 

  • School councils 
  • Prefects 
  • Heads of house 
  • Head boy/girl 
  • Form Captains 
  • School Committees 

As University students and recent graduates in roles of leadership, you have a great amount of skills and experience to share with these pupils. 

We are looking to run an online ‘Leadership Programme’ to help support and upskill pupils in leadership roles, from our Outreach schools. We hope to offer a series of 20 min pre-recorded webinars that schools can use at their convenience, to advise and guide pupils on how to be a successful leader. 

We are looking for University representatives such as yourself, to record a short webinar based on your own experiences as a leader. These webinars can be anything that relates to your leadership skillset and could cover numerous topics related to leadership, such as: 

  • What makes a good leader 
  • How to run a campaign/movement  
  • How do you make change as a leader 
  • How to deal with Imposter syndrome  
  • How to handle diversity & equality / unconscious biased as a leader 
  • How to manage conflict as a leader 
  • How to manage your mental wellbeing as a leader 

Workshops will need to be interactive. You will speak briefly about how you got to be a leader and you will pose discussions/activities related to your topic for pupils to discuss/do, whilst the webinar is paused. You can deliver slides to support your webinar and you can record the slides, plus yourself, in a Camtasia recording. 

We can provide support with choosing relevant topics, creating activities/discussion points, creating PowerPoints, recording using Camtasia.  

We are looking for volunteers to work with us on this project and share their own unique set of skills and experience, with the leaders of tomorrow. 

If you are interested, please contact Lea Denley with a topic that you would like to explore, and we can discuss the project further - l.denley@uea.ac.uk