MyCareerCentral and UEA Award

MyCareerCentral and the UEA Award

If you’re looking for a non-SU volunteering opportunity, head over to MyCareerCentral. They advertise a range of casual volunteering positions in the local area (and some longer placements over the summer). You just need to log on, search for volunteering vacancies and take a look through the list! You can also book an appointment with a Careers Adviser to discuss what you want to do and how you might be able to find the right position for you. Pop into CareerCentral on the Street to book an appointment.

If you’re volunteering, you should also definitely be logging your hours with the UEA Award. By doing this, you can see exactly how you’ve developed during your time at UEA, which will make you really attractive to employers. What’s more, you can get rewards for taking part in the UEA Award!