postgraduate(su) finance breakdown

This page will constantly be updated with the current financial position of postgraduate(su) and with the progress of said funding allocations.


Each year the Postgraduate Committee decide how to allocate the postgraduate(su) budget. In the 2017/18 academic year they decided to allocate £6000 of funding to the Social Grant, £6000 to the conference fund, £1000 for welcome week events, £500 for care packages, £1000 for winter events, £1000 for Easter events, and £1500 for summer events. 


Conference Fund:

Spend to 16/4/2018: £1727.79

Remaining: £4272.21

(£1092 approved, but pending on 8 further conferences)


Social Grant:

Spend to 10/4/18: £1,227

Remaining: £4273

(£340.80 approved but not yet paid)


Easter Events: 13 Events, a report of the events can be viewed here.

Total spent: £983.52

Remaining budget: £16.48


Summer Events: Yet to be completed

Total spend to date: £1402

Remaining budget: £98



The budget for this year will be decided at the first Postgraduate Committee meeting of the 2018/19 academic year.