call for submissions


The Lakeside View is a postgraduate research community blog, set up in conjunction with the Courage Wellbeing Project to provide PGR students a platform to highlight issues relating to postgraduate life and mental health at the University of East Anglia. You can check it out here.

We are seeking submissions for blog posts from either current or past PGR students (e.g. PhD, EdD, EdPsyD, ClinPsyD), or university staff who work directly with PGRs. Previous entries have covered topics such as Associate Tutor rights, tips for managing your workload, research projects taking place at the UEA, and information about activities for improving the mental health of postgraduate students; however, posts about any topics relating to PGR life at the University of East Anglia are welcome.

Considering contributing, but not sure what to write about? Here are a list of suggested topics we would love to see covered:

  • Working as an Associate Tutor at UEA
    • Benefits and challenges of being an AT
    • Casualised contracts, hourly wages, and unpaid labour
    • How being an AT can impact mental health
    • Suggestions for improvements to the AT experience
  • Structural inequalities that PGR students face when studying at the UEA, including those relating to:
  • Upcoming events and training relating to PGR mental health
  • Advice for students at all stages of PGR life, including issues relating to:
    • Mental health, resilience, and wellbeing
    • Research methods, personal and professional development, and the PGR experience
    • Publishing papers, attending conferences, and networking
    • The probationary review and viva
    • PGR engagement, the UEA’s research culture, and university communities
    • Sports, fitness, social activities, and life outside the PhD
  • Your experiences of Postgraduate(su) or Courage Project events
    • Such as PhDiggers, PGRunners, the Bullet Journal Group, or our Walk & Talks
    • Why you chose to attend
    • What you got out of the event
    • Improvements that PG(SU) can make to better the postgraduate experience

We welcome entries in a variety of formats. Want to do something other than a traditional written blog post? Awesome! Here are some suggestions for formats:

  • A traditional blog post or short essay of around 500 words (and no more than 1000)
  • Video content, such as a vlog or short film
  • Audio content, such as short podcast or interview
  • Photography or a visual essay
  • Art, whether digital or traditional

Submissions should be clear, succinct, and for a general audience. The Lakeside View updates on Wednesdays.

To express interest in creating content for the Lakeside View, please fill in the following form, or click here. Feel free to contact Tarnia for queries or more information.