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Get involved


Engage with the postgraduate community

Any postgraduate student at UEA can, and is encouraged to, attend Assembly meetings to socialise and chat about issues they face. All postgraduate students are also represented by the Postgraduate Committee, which is made up of 5 elected Assembly members, voted in during the first Assembly meeting of the academic year. The dates for all Assembly and Committee meetings can be found here.


Introduce change

Navigate through the pages in this section to see how you can influence change, depending on whether you are a taught or research student!


Postgraduate events and opportunities

Each year postgraduate(su) hold multiple series of events over the periods of the year where campus is quiter but we know postgraduate students are still here working hard. These are: winter, easter, and summer. most of the events we hold are completely free, and all event have student input through the Postgraduate Committee. Why not check out our events list and calendar?


Our research

Throughout the academic year, postgraduate(su) will be conducting various types of research on topics directly affecting the postgraduate community. Conducting research allows us to better represent you on the most contentious issues, and better cater to your needs. View our previous research here.