the graduate centre

The Graduate Centre is the upstairs space within Union House that is dedicated to Postgraduate and Mature Undergraduate Students. This space consists of: Scholars Bar, Scholars Lounge, the Graduate Kitchen, and two bookable study rooms. The Graduate Centre is managed by the Graduate Centre Manager. 

Social and academic space on campus is a contentious issue, with numbers of students increasing, and available space plateauing (for now) campus has reached an impasse. However, this is not the end. Within Union House we have a dedicated Graduate Centre which includes: Scholars Bar, Scholars Lounge, and the Graduate Kitchen. This space is yours! We recently asked postgraduates whether they wanted to make the space exclusive so other students were not able to use the space, and you said yes. The majority also thought that card access would be the best way to enforce this, so campus card scanners are being fitted. There are also 2 bookable rooms with IT facilities in the Graduate Centre, which you can book at Scholars Bar. 

On the subject of space, we recently had great news from the University who have begun to transform the common room in Constable Terrance into a new PGR Training Suite. This room will function both as social and academic space, with full IT capabilities, and bookable meeting rooms.