COVID-19 - Update

Committee have decided to halt the conference and social grant funding as many conferences and events have been cancelled. The new committee will be elected by November and this page will be updated following their steer. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Stay tuned on our social media and this page for updates. The Forms are still available to download, and you may still send them in but they will not currently be considered by the committee. 

Postgraduate Social and Conference / Research Grants 

Along with the funding you get from research councils, your school, the government, and other sources, you can apply for funding for certain purposes from postgraduate(su). The funds are made available through the postgraduate committee, made up of full time officers and elected volunteers from the postgraduate community.

We have two pots of funding availble to all postgraduate students: the Social Grant, which is aimed at subsidising social activities that help develop the postgraduate community, and the Conference/Research Fund, which aims to help postgraduate students with costs incurred by conferences or research activities. Both of these exist to help every postgraduate student at UEA, so please use them, and encourage others to do so too!

Before you make your application, please make sure you read and understand the Terms of Reimbursement so that you are familiar with what we can and cannot fund, as well as how the reimbursement process works. There are also some restrictions and guidelines in the final page of each application form (forms are found below). Please read these carefully before starting your application.

The fund is limited in its scope and once the funding has run out we can no longer accept applications until the next committee are elected. As a result, this could lead to periods where we can't accept applications, and for this we are sorry. For these reasons we always ask that you ensure that you have either spent or applied to all other funding sources before you submit an application to ensure those who need this fund this most have access. 

Funds are restrictive, so please don't be disappointed if your application is rejected by the Committee. We only consider applications in advance of the event (at least two weeks before the date of the event), and of high quality and detail. Applications that do not meet this standard will be returned for further development.

The Social Grant


Apply now to get your social event funded by your postgrad committee! There’s no cap but the committee have the final say on the amount to allocate. The most they've given this year is £330. 

Every year, lots of student-led postgraduate events are made possible because of the Social Grant. Whether you'd like to host a social event, a dinner, a trip to the coast, or anything else that involves fun and community-building, this grant can help you cover some of the costs.

To apply for the Social Grant, please complete this form and return it via e-mail to Please remember to refer to the last page of the form for some guidance before starting your application. Feel free to e-mail us at the same address to ask us any questions you have as well!

The Conference/Research Fund


Need help with the costs of attending a conference, conducting research, travelling to libraries around the country? Apply now to get funded by your postgrad committee! There’s a soft cap of £200 on individual applications but the committee may decide to allocate you more, so you can still apply for over £200.  

We understand that the postgraduate experience can sometimes extend well beyond campus. Where your funding options for attending a conference or covering your research costs are narrow, postgraduate(su) is here to help you! Through the Conference/Research Fund, you can claim back for any major expenses incurred to you by a conference you attended or some research you conducted. 

To apply, please complete this form and return it via e-mail to Please remember to refer to the last page of the form for some guidance before starting your application. Feel free to e-mail us at the same address to ask us any questions you have as well!