social grant

The purpose of the Postgraduate Social Grant Fund is to help groups of postgraduates to organise student led events, projects and activities. The funding must be used towards an activity or event that aims to better the postgraduate student experience. Can go towards the costs of travel, speakers, equipment, food and drink for socials.

Generally, you can apply for anything that will help the event/activity to run effectively. This could include equipment, publicity materials, speaker expenses, affiliation fees, etc. The maximum you can apply for per grant request is £300.

The total budget for the year is yet to be decided. Funds are restrictive, so please don't be disappointed if your application is rejected. We only consider applications of high quality and detail, applications that do not meet this standard will be returned for further development. An example of best practice can be found here.

As we want to help as many students as possible put on social activities, we ask that you be reasonable with your application. We have come up with some useful guidelines for what is seen as ‘reasonable’ cost, and general tips on processing through the application:

  • We recommend a spend of £15 per head for subsidised meals.
  • We recommend a spend of £5 per head for BBQs and picnics.
  • Applications must be presented in advance of the event in question. This application will then be taken to the PGSU Committee for approval. Please make sure you send in applications at least two weeks before your event. This is the time period we try to approve applications in. If successful, the applicant will then be asked for receipts and bank details AFTER the event, so they can be refunded.
  • We only fund events that are not alcohol focused. While the fund can go towards the cost of alcohol, we request that no more than 50% of your budget is spent on alcohol.
  • A requirement of receiving the Social Grant is that you send PGSU a photo of the event, and write a short reflective paragraph. These will be primarily used for further promotion of the grant. If there are any reasons you cannot do this, please just let us know.
  • We cannot fund house parties.

You can download the form HERE. An example application for guidance of best practice can be found HERE. We have also produced a guidance document for you.

If you would like further information, please email your Postgraduate Education Officer, Martin: