conference/research fund

The postgraduate conference/research fund exists to help postgraduate students with travel costs and registration fees incurred while attending a conference that is relevant to their course of study. The fund can also be used to enable students to travel to conduct research, where that student might otherwise have been unable to do so. 

The Conference/Research Fund is available to help students attend conferences and travel for research related to their course. Students can apply for up to £150 to help with costs, and the fund is available for both postgraduate taught and postgraduate research students

Last year alone we helped over 40 students attend conferences and travel for research, so do put in an application. The total budget for this fund is yet to be decided for the 2018/19 year. 

Click HERE to find out if you are eligilble. Please make sure you read the full criteria, including what evidence you will be required to present in order for us to process a payment. 

Then fill in the form here. 

If you have any questions regarding the Conference/research Fund please contact your Postgraduate Education Officer,

**The Postgraduate(su) Committee recently agreed to make changes to the Fund in response to student feedback. You can now apply to the Conference Fund up to 2 months before your event to ensure that you have secured funding before attending. Students will still be refunded after attending the conference, but will no longer carry the risk of having to purchase a ticket before funding is approved.**