annual leave for pgr students

All annual leave should be agreed, preferably in writing, with your supervisor prior to taking the leave.  Full-time PGR students, (excluding those on Professional Doctorates e.g. ClinPsyD) are normally entitled to 8 weeks (40 working days) annual leave, which includes the 6 University Closure days and 8 UK Public Holidays.  This leaves a total of 26 days that can be booked when you like, by agreement with your supervisor. It is a good idea to keep a record of your leave.

Public holidays (bank holidays) are:

  • New Year – 1st January*
  • Easter – varies each year
  • Spring – a Monday at the beginning of May and a Monday at the end of May
  • August – usually last Monday in August
  • Christmas – 25th and 26th December*

* If these days fall on either Saturday or Sunday the public holiday moves to the next weekday

University Closure days are:

  • 2 days either side of the Easter holiday
  • 4 days between Christmas and New Year

If you are studying on a Professional Doctorate you should check your Course Handbook for Annual Leave entitlements and any associated conditions.