employment issues

Depending on funding arrangements, postgraduate research students may have one or more employment contracts. There is nothing to prevent someone holding multiple contracts at the same time, but it can lead to complexity and sometimes confusion.  The Union Advice Service can advise you on issues arising from your employment including advice on /support with:

  • Issues about pay – late payment/deductions from pay
  • Parental rights
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Dismissal and redundancy.
  • Implications of intercalation for your employment

Postgraduate research students and International PG students should check any restrictions on working before accepting a job for example:

  • Annual and weekly limits on paid employment (for more detail see the UEA Code of Practice for Research Degrees )
  • Getting approval from your supervisory team before you do any paid work.
  • Students on Professional Doctorates (e.g. ClinPsyD) should refer to their course handbook for limitations on additional employment.
  • International students should check whether they are permitted to undertake paid or unpaid work under the terms of their visa and what limits apply to them, including during the writing up period. .

If you need employment advice, make sure you have the following ready for your appointment with a Union Advice Worker

  • Your contract of employment  or statement of terms and conditions (all of them, if you have more  than one) and/or
  • Job offer letters
  • Recent pay slips
  • Details of your start date

For general advice on employment issues see

For support with finding employment after you have completed your qualification, see

International students studying for PhD may be able to apply for an extension of their visa after they complete their degree for 12 months under the Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES). For details of who can do this and how and when to apply, see: