postgraduate taught students

No matter how large or small your issue is postgraduate(su) will always be here to listen and offer any support we can. Just come and find us within Education & Engagement in your Union Office.

Every year masters students have the opportunity to become representatives for their cohorts. You have the chance to sit on the Staff Student Liason Committees, a space where you directly get to feedback and input into the running of your course. 

During your time at UEA you will have exclusive access to the Graduate Centre, located upstairs in Union House. This space is dedicated to postgraduates and is run by postgraduates. It's a vital social and informal academic space so make the most of it while you are here. 

We in postgraduate(su) are mandated each year to host multiple series of events throughout the year when campus is quite, e.g. winter, easter, and summer. Most of the events we host are free and are open to all postgraduate students at UEA.

Postgraduate(su) help to adminstrate the Postgraduate Assembly, a democratic body who the Postgraduate Education Officer is accountable to. The Assembly is open to all postgraduate students, and is an informal, social gathering of students with FREE pizza and drinks, whilst offering a space to discuss key issues you may face while studying at UEA.