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What is Black History Month?

Black History Month logoBlack history month exists to celebrate, recognise and honour the contributions, creations and history of Black people that often get overlooked or downplayed. This month is an opportunity to promote the knowledge of Black history, especially in British History as well as celebrate the amazing things that Black students at uea are doing inside and outside of uea. 

We recognise that whilst Black History month is vital in celebrating the achievements of Black students and their history, there’s still a lot more we can do as a union to improve the relationship. The union’s engagement with black students is incredibly low across many areas and of the 114 people to serve as SU Officers from 2012- 20, only 7 (6.1%) were black.  This is unacceptable and is something that we’re committed to working on to change.

Throughout the next year there will be opportunities for students to put forward their suggestions so we can better understand what Black students need from the su, as well as workshops and online meetups that look at leadership skills and navigating different kind of spaces.  

For more information on what we’re looking to do email the diversity, equality and liberation coordinator at  

Events during Black History Month 2020

date event time description more info
Thurs 1st Oct Black Bodies, Victorian Fashion 8pm An introduction to the influence of Black womxn on Victorian fashion, exploring the obsession with the ‘Black aesthetic’ throughout the ages and the bonds of sisterhood and resilience that have formed in response. Hosted by Black Community Rising Black Community Rising Instagram
Fri 2nd Oct        
Sat 3rd Oct        
Sun 4th Oct        
Mon 5th Oct        
Tues 6th Oct Exploration of modern black history: Pop culture 6pm-8pm Hosted by UEA Womanist Society UEA Womanist Society Facebook Page
Weds 7th Oct        
Thurs 8th Oct Climate Justice 8pm Join us for our Zoom event this Thursday where we will be looking at Climate Justice - a movement currently saturated with white, middle-class faces and voices - from a Black proletarian perspective, and the inextricable relationship between environmentalism and the struggle for Black & Indigenous liberation. Hosted by Black Community Rising Black Community Rising Instagram
Conversation Colourism 7pm-9pm A discussion of what colourism is, how it affects us and an introduction to the history of colourism. Hosted by UEA Womanist Society UEA Womanist Society Facebook Page
Fri 9th Oct        
Sat 10th Oct        
Sun 11th Oct        
Mon 12th Oct        
Tues 13th Oct Race, Inequality and the Church: What does the Bible Say? tbc Hosted by UEA Christian Union UEA Christian Union Facebook Page
Black and Alternative: Never Touching the Mainstream 6pm-8pm Hosted by UEA Womanist Society UEA Womanist Society Facebook Page
Weds 14th Oct Film: Ové, Pressure (1976) 7pm 'Pressure' (1976), directed by the Trinidad-born British filmmaker Horace Ové, is the first feature-length Black British film. It touches on the plight of young black Britons in London in the 1970s, youth unemployment amid racism and the 1970s recession, the trans-national black family, the global rise of black militancy, police brutality, nationality, identity, (un-)belonging, alienation, survival, and living within two cultures. Virgillo Hunter, a PhD candidate in the School of History, will introduce and contextualise the film and its significance before the film screening begins. Contact School of History Office
Thurs 15th Oct Black Queerness 8pm Hosted by Black Community Rising; Zoom event Black Community Rising Instagram
Fri 16th Oct        
Sat 17th Oct Radio Play: Samson, The Dream (2020) tbc Tune in for the debut performance of Nnenna Samson’s radio play ‘The Dream’. Produced by a London-based youth theatre group (S.P.I.D. Theatre Company), the play tells the story of the Mangrove Nine case, a landmark legal case from 1970 in which British Black Power activists were put on trial and the judge ruled, for the first time, that metropolitan police were motivated by racism. The play is based on the archival research of our very own Dr Camilla Schofield, and engages the history of Black Power, racism, and overpolicing in twentieth-century Britain. You’ll be able to find details of how to tune in at closer to the time. Tune in online
Sun 18th Oct        
Mon 19th Oct Womanist and Latin American Society in Conversation 6pm-8pm Collaboration between UEA Womanist Society and UEA Latin American Society UEA Womanist Society Facebook Page
Tues 20th Oct Mind and Melanin 3.0 6pm Hosted by UEA Headucate UEA Headucate Facebook Page
Weds 21st Oct Terence, Brothers (160 BCE) 1pm-2pm Two brothers: a rustic father and an urbane bachelor. Two sons: both in trouble over women. Pimps, slaves, and citizens complete the cast of this comedy of manners by P. Terentius Afer, an African slave who became the acknowledged master of Roman theatre and the Latin language. A short performative reading showing off the dexterity of Terence (and of some of UEA's own students!) will be prefaced by an introduction, by Dr Oren Margolis, to the author and to the Mediterranean empires and cultures that shaped his world. Contact School of History Office
Online Cooking Masterclass! 6:30pm Stay tuned for a virtual cooking lesson using inspirations from the African Diaspora. Hosted by UEA Pharmacology Society UEA Pharmacology Society page
When Class isn't Enough: Labour's Relationship with Race and Racism 7:30pm Hosted by UEA Labour Party Society and featuring Bell Ribeiro-Addy Facebook Event or contact UEA Labour Society to submit questions or to recieve the zoom link.
Thurs 22nd Oct Exploring International Anti-Blackness 6pm-8pm Hosted by UEA Womanist Society UEA Womanist Society Facebook Page
Black Hair 8pm Hosted by Black Community Rising Black Community Rising Instagram
How to Fight Racism 6pm How do we fight racism most efficiently, and how do we throw it into the trashcan of history forever? Why is it that under capitalism racism seeps into every institution? And why does racism still exist today? If you want to find out about that and more, make sure to come along to our discussion. Hosted by UEA Marxist Society Facebook event page
Fri 23rd Oct        
Sat 24th Oct        
Sun 25th Oct        
Mon 26th Oct Decolonising Science Seminar 1pm-2pm Look out for UEA Pharmacology Society's planned talk with Lara Lalemi to find out more about decolonising science! UEA Pharmacology Society page
Social Work Society Black History Month talk 5:30pm-6:30pm In collaboration with the UEA School of Social Work, the Social Work Society proudly presents a talk from two brilliant academics Carlene Cornish and Ann Anka. This event will hear the experiences and insights that our staff wish to share. There will be time and space for open questions and we can guarantee it will offer some thought-provoking and interesting content. Join us! Event page
Tues 27th Oct Q+A with the Vice Chancellor 5:30pm-7:30pm Following on from last year we're holding another Q+A with UEA's Vice-Chancellor David Richardson and member of UEA's executive team: Sarah Barrow. Tickets required - book your free ticket at the uea(su) event page! event page
Being LGBT in Black History 6pm-8pm A collaboration between UEA Womanist Society and UEA Pride POC Sub-Society UEA Womanist Society Facebook Page
Weds 28th Oct Symposium in Honour of Black History Month tbc UEA School of Economics  
Thurs 29th Oct Debate Night! 7pm No matter your race, come and enjoy UEA Pharmacology Society's fun night discussing topics relating to BAME and STEM! UEA Pharmacology Society page
Afro Fantasy 8pm Zoom event; hosted by Black Community Rising Black Community Rising Instagram
Fri 30th Oct        
Sat 31st Oct        

Make sure to check out the society's page for more information about where and what time their events are taking place!