Ultimate Frisbee Taster Session Sunday 03/10

Sunday 03 October 2021, 8:20pm - 10:20pm

Sportspark Hall 3

Come along to this Ultimate Frisbee taster session for a fun afternoon learning new skills and meeting our lovely members! All skill levels welcome: no previous experience required to pick up this exciting sport!

Whether an experienced player or a complete novice, this session will provide a gentle introduction to the Aye Aye team and the great game that is Ultimate Frisbee! Taster sessions will focus on getting to terms with the disc and core throwing skills, as well as including an explanation of the basic rules and the chance to put these new skills to the test in a game scenario. Frisbee is a fun and inclusive sport which combines technical throwing skills with athleticism into a fast-paced and highly tactical game. Frisbee is often played with mixed teams, and is self-refereed, which not only requires excellent teamwork but also helps to develop your communication skills.

Whether you're a confident athlete looking to try your hand at a new sport, a beginner looking for a way to keep fit, or just someone looking for a way to make some friends in your new home, Aye Aye is the place for you!

Please bring a light and dark top, appropriate shoes (indoor trainers for Sportspark sessions, outdoor trainers or cleats if you have them for Colney Lane sessions) and plenty of water.