The Union offers lots of opportunities for UEA students to enjoy student life away from the textbooks. We like to think that we offer something for everyone and if we don't we can help you to develop new activities that you're passionate about. All our societies are run by student committees who volunteer for the Union to bring these activities to you.

Without our volunteers the Union would not be able to put on the amazing amount of activities we do. We support all our volunteers with training, time, advice and grants. If you would like to start a society, go to the new society section and we will do all we can to help. Societies, Campaign and Peer Support Groups are a great way for you to meet other students who may be studying something completely different to you but who share a hobby or outside interest.

Through societies, campaign and peer support groups, the Union empowers students to make change in their communities. All of these groups are run by students alongside their studies and provide you with a wide array of opportunities to learn new skills, meet new people and get the most out of their time at UEA.

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