You may have a preconceived idea of what volunteering is – for example, litter picking or tidying a public garden. Of course, these are good examples, but they are only scratching the surface!

Volunteering is ANY activity which you do for no financial gain to help somebody else – so, as you can imagine, that encompasses a massive range! Chances are, you’re already doing some kind of volunteering without knowing it.

You can volunteer physically, i.e. by going somewhere and doing something, but also virtually – on the phone or online.

Are you on a society or club committee? You’re already a volunteer, because you’re giving up your time to help the club run and give its members a great experience. Do you walk your neighbour’s dog for them once a week when they go away for the day? You’re a volunteer, because you’re making somebody’s life easier for no financial gain. Are you an academic, department or sports rep? You’re a volunteer, because you’re making yourself available to other students to help them.

There are so many different ways to volunteer beyond the traditional expectations. Check out our volunteering information on the links to the left!