Union House

UEA's award winning "Union House" is the main SU building, right in the middle of campus just off the Square. It houses a bunch of services and facilities run by students, for students.

Level -1
 Located at the end of the street, shopSU has everything you need with exclusive student discounts, a brilliant bakery and the campus post office. 
barSU: The SU’s two main bars, commonly known as the "Red Bar" and the "Blue Bar", with great food, drink and events.
pizzaSU: The SU's own pizzeria is located within the bars.

The main entrance to the SU. Here you'll find a Photobooth, Safe Sex Items, Information and a free printing service for students.
Grab & Go: The essential student shop run by students for students, with a new refil station and weigh-to-go snack station.
Advice & Housing: In this area you can pop in for help and advice on any issue from our professional team- plus UEA's own housing service.
The LCR: The best SU nightclub and gig venue in the UK.
The Hive: There’s always something going on in the Hive, from food vendor to student fund raising stall. Want to book a stall? Email union.info@uea.ac.uk for more information!
Unio Coffee: ueaSU’s ethical coffee shop, run by students for students.
Green Room: Book this and its kitchen for your group, meeting or event.

Nap Nook:
 Chill out between lectures- grab a nap or drop in.
Student Media Centre: Where UEA's Student Radio, TV and newspapers come to life.
Scholars Café Bar: A place to grab a coffee, a glass of wine or a bite to eat- designed by postgrads for postgrads.
Grad Lounge: A place to relax between lectures.
Grad Kitchen: The union’s student kitchen, designed for postgrads.
Bookable Rooms: 1-8 Book a room for your group, meeting or event.
Union Office: Where SU staff, officers and volunteers transform. Pop in here to say hello to the team where your SU Officers and their staff work for students. Office open 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday. You can email us for general enquiries during out of offie hours at: union.info@uea.ac.uk
Opportunities Store A & B: We store your stuff in here.

Lost property

If you have lost an item of your property while you were on campus, there is a  good chance it will have been handed in.  If you want to know what to do with an item of lost property that you have found, or to reclaim lost property, please refer to our Lost property and post Policy