Union Council

Union Council is your forum to influence the Union and make Students’ Union policy. As a member of the Students’ Union, we encourage you to attend and speak at the Union Council meetings about the things you are . passionate about. It is where elected student officers and representatives debate and decide what the Union should take a stance on and do about a number of issues, it also holds officers to account and helps to direct our future work.


key things that union council does:

  • Debates and decide the policy of the Union.

  • Determines the direction of Union campaigns;

  • Appoints student representatives to University Committees;

  • Holds the Student Officer Committee to account

  • Raises issues that affect students in the University;

  • Reviews and amend the Union’s constitution;

  • Approves the constitutions of new Union clubs and societies

  • Approves the budget for the Union – how much things cost, where the money is spent.

  • Approves any affiliations to external organisations – including National Union of Students [NUS] and BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport)


No elections are currently running