Union Council

~~ Click here to see a list of Union Councillors and their voting records ~~

Union Council is your democratic forum, through which you as SU members decide the SU's policies, priorities and campaigns.

Any member of the Union can attend a Union Council meeting (usually held at 7pm on a Thursday evening in one of the main lecture theatres) but the voting members are 200+ representatives elected by students across UEA. Union Council consists of:

  • The 19 elected Student Union Officers
  • A representative from each of the Union’s Sports Clubs, Societies and Peer Support Groups
  • 5 representatives from each School to represent their course mates (3 undergraduates, 1 postgraduate and 1 student rep from the SSLC)
  • 5 representatives from each Liberation Caucus and 5 from each Assemby
  • 1 INTO representative
  • The Chair of Union Council

Council can also vote to co-opt up to 6 students to be members of Council to sit on University Committees.

Being a Union Councillor

~~ Nominations are now open to become a Union Council representative for your school! Click here to nominate yourself ~~

We have an introductory training session for new Councillors, the times and dates will be advertised soon. If you miss them and would like to have a preview; you can find s slide show of the training here.

As Council' s decisions have  far-reaching legal and financial consequences, the process for meetings has to be transparent and truly democratic. The rules for the meeting are set out in our rule book which you can find here

As a member of Union Council, you can:

  • Debate and decide the policy of the Union.
  • Determine the direction of Union campaigns;
  • Appoint student representatives to University Committees;
  • Keep the Student Officer Committee to account
  • Raise issues that affect students in the University;
  • Review and amend the Union’s constitution;
  • Approve the constitutions of new Union clubs and societies
  • Approve the budget for the Union – how much things cost, where the money is spent.
  • Approve any affiliations to external organisations – including National Union of Students [NUS] and BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport)

If you would like to find out about what is discussed at Union Council you can read all of the agendas and minutes of each meeting at the following link:

Council Minutes and Documents

Claiming Expenses as a Union Councillor

We have policy that any Union reps attending Union Council or other representative meetings are able to claim travel and/or carer expenses. We do not pay loss of earnings expenses.

In order to claim expenses you must be coming to campus specifically to attend the meeting.

We pay travel expenses if you are coming from outside the immediate area of campus; anywhere outside the postcodes NR4 or NR2. You can see a postcode map here.

We pay care expenses, if your attendance at a Union meeting requires you to employ a professional carer for anyone in your family.

You can find the expenses form here; submit your claim to Tony Moore at Anthony.Moore@uea.ac.uk using the form

Union Council Dates:

Thursday, 19th October, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 2

Thursday, 2nd November, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 3

Thursday, 16th November, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 2

Thursday, 30th November, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 3

Thursday 25th January, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 3

Thursday, 8th February, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 3

Thursday, 1 March, 7pm, Thomas Paine Study Centre Lecture Theatre

Thursday, 19 April, 7pm, Lecture Theatre 3