Union Council

The student union is a democractic memership orinisation. What this means, is that ur members direct what we do. We are run by students for students. To allow this to happen, we have various structures and meetings in place to enable our members; students, to direct us. The highest democractic desicion making body at uea(su) is Union Council.
Union Council meetings monthly and is where elected students debate and decide on things that us, as the union, should support, change or do. It is in essense, our version of parliament. Elected students who are reffered to as councillors bring motions on things they want to change or do. Motions can range from mandatign the union to support a national campaign, removing platic straws from our outlets, to changing the way the union operates. This motion is then debated on in the meeting by the other councilors, and then voted on. If passed, the motion becomes policy and the councilor will work with the union to ensure the thing is achieved.