student officers

Student Officers

Student officers are democratically elected by UEA Students to represent them to the University and the wider world, to lobby for their interests and make University life the best it can be.

Your student officers represent you! You can contact them about academic issues, clubs and societies, campaigns and more.


Elections are held every year for all student officer positions, usually between January and March. Any student can run! Find out more at our Elections page.

Full-time Officers

Full-time officers are students who are elected to take a sabbatical from their studies and become employees of uea(su), paid to represent your interests full-time to the University.

uea(su) has five full-time officers, representing Undergraduate Students, Postgraduate Students, Activities and Opportunities, Campaigns and Democracy, and Welfare, Community and Diversity. 

Part-time Officers

Part-time officers represent students' interests on a broad range of issues and students from all backgrounds. Part-time officers are elected to undertake their roles while continuing their studies, volunteering their time to make sure you are represented!

Meet the team

Undergraduate Education


Postgraduate Education


Welfare, Community &
Diversity Officer


Activities & Opportunities


Campaigns & Democracy





Student Officer Committee (SOC)

The 19 elected officers make up the Student Officer Committee (SOC) and are responsible for the day-to-day decisions and direction that the Union takes. They also lead campaigns and every day push for change on students’ behalf. 

Full Time Officers



Email address

Lizzie Payne

Activities and Opportunities Officer

Hamish Williams

Campaigns and Democracy Officer

Aaron Campbell

Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer

Ivo Garnham

Undergraduate Education Officer

Ayane Hida

Postgraduate Education Officer


Part Time Officers



Email address

Sophie Atherton

Non-portfolio Officer

Tristan Michel Cyril Politt

Non-portfolio Officer

Meg Watts

Environmental Officer

Kate Adler

Ethical Issues Officer

Alexandru Biteanu

International (EU) Officer

Miriam Hussein

International (Non-EU) Officer

Patrycja Poplawska

Women’s Officer

Megan Anderson

Invisible Disabilities Officer

Serene Shibli Sexton

People of Colour Officer

Chris Njoroge

Black Students' Officer

Hannah Lambert

Mature Students Officer

Alix Green

LGBT+ (Open place) Officer

Dean J. Smith

LGBT+ Officer (Trans & Non Binary Place)

If you cannot access this election, please email with your name and the position you wish to nominate yourself for, and we can mannually add you.