The Trustee Board


In 2010 the Union set up its first ever charity-law compliant trustee board, in line with our application for charity status with the UK Charities Commission. A trustee board is designed as a tool of governance, to bring both internal knowledge and external experience together to provide an overarching body which can consult and assist the Union’s management, and to make decisions at a strategic level.

In 2015 the Union incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and became a new charity with articles of association as our governing document.
Our Trustee Board consists of the five full time Officers, two part-time Officers and four External Trustees, as well as four Student Trustees, elected by Union Council and one Student Trustee elected by the Graduate Assembly. The Student Trustees cannot sit on Council or hold major Union Office.They, alongside the External Trustees, provide a voice on the Board that is independent of the Officers. The External Trustees are experts from outside the Union who are appointed for the skills they can bring to the work of the Board.

The Trustees declare any interests they have that might impact on the work of the Board; these are in the Register of Interests which you can find here

The Chair of the Board for 2018-19 is Georgina Burchell and the Deputy Chair is Ben Gibbins.

Our current trustees

Officer Trustees: Student Trustees: Postgraduate Trustee External Trustees:
Jenna Chapman Stefano Asciana Ruth Flaherty Ian Gibson
Georgina Burchell (Chair) Charlie Flanagan Part-Time Officer Trustees Kemi Watchorn
Oli Gray Ellie Johns Liam Deary Ben Gibbins
Martin Marko Vacant Mohaned Alhasan Martin Jopp
Sophie Atherton