Members Code of Conduct

All students are members of the union, and we expect all members to abide by our Code of Conduct

The Code sets out the procedures to be followed in the case of disciplinary action against an individual member. The code concerns the disciplinary rules and procedures that operate within the Union. The Union believes that rules and procedures are necessary for promoting orderly relations as well as fairness and consistency in the treatment of individuals.

Disciplinary action may be taken in respect of any breach of discipline:

  • On the Union premises;
  • While the member is using the Union facilities or at a Union event;
  • While a member is representing or acting on behalf of the Union at any event of whatever kind and wherever held;
  • In relation to actions or incidents between two or more representatives of the Union in any or none of the settings above, or in relation to actions or incidents between the Union’s representatives and other members, staff or stakeholders.
  • Any of the above where an interaction or incident is on social media
  • Where a complaint is made about a group activity, including socials, demonstrations, and activity that can be classed as organised by the Union or any union group or in that groups name, a group of members may be subject to disciplinary action and penalties.

Any questions about the Code, or to make a complaint about another member under the Code, contact the Democracy & Governance Coordinator