buddy(su) is a project which runs in two phases and is run for students by students. 

The first part of the project is about welcoming first year students to UEA and Norwich with help of our returning students who are trained for the role by the students' union and UEA counterparts, including Mental Health First Aid and services available to students. This is a great way to get to know students from different courses and schools as well as outside of university accommodation. The SU run specific Buddy events which showcase how diverse our opportunities are for our students. From Buddy Bake Offs, to Stay and Play, to Buddy Breakfast and more, there is something for everything to get involved with. The aim of buddy(su) is to have peer support available for students who want more information and support about coming to UEA and how to make the most of it within their first term.

The second part of the project is similar but we help our final year students in their last term at UEA by pairing them up with a recent graduate to help them overcome that final term. This includes passing on past knowledge and advice, showing the opportunities available after university and providing emotional support when leaving UEA.

The whole purpose of buddy(su) is to make sure our students know they have support from us and past/present students to integrate into the life here and how to make the most of it while here. 

Please click the appropriate portal pages below depending on what you want. 

For alumni and final year students who would like to be a part of alumni buddy(su), please click alumni buddy su below. Those who are currently studying here who want to help a new student coming in September and those wanting to start at UEA, please click buddy su below