uea|su has a huge variety of sport clubs for you to join - or maybe even come and try out for the first time! We have clubs ranging from American Football, Athletics and Basketball, to Yoga, Kayaking and Swimming!

Before you can join a club you need to purchase your Sports Association Membership (SAM). For more information visit The SAM Page!

Committee Agreement 2016-17 (If you are not yet an official society/club, please contact union.opportunities@uea.ac.uk before submitting this form)

Constitution Form Only necessary if you are a new club or society or if you are changing your aims as a club or soc - please contact union.opportunities@uea.ac.uk first if this is the case.

Important Information:

How to create and add members to a group (Derby Day 2017)

If you're not a current student, you might be able to apply for Associate or Life membership. More information can be found here.


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