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Fri 17 Feb 2017

light up norwich

Following on from our hugely successful ‘Light Up Campus’ campaign last year, I’m moving the initiative...
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Mon 06 Feb 2017

hop on and save

After working with students in December, First Bus have launched their UEA specific campaigns! In 2016 First Bus decided that...
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Fri 03 Feb 2017

what we talk about when we talk about stress

The start of the new term marked the start of Mental Health Awareness Month. Though this was a January campaign...
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Thu 26 Jan 2017

significant changes to counselling service

In response to the continuing work of the SU’s ‘Mental Health Matters’ campaign, and an ongoing...
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Fri 20 Jan 2017

Let the house hunt begin!

Friday 20 Jan saw the release of the HomeRun housing list, and the beginning of the annual housing hunt! It...
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Fri 16 Dec 2016

improving access to the student support service

One of my priorities this year was working to improve access to on-campus mental health services. As the on...
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Fri 09 Dec 2016

faith and spirituality at uea

One of my priorities this year was to make the SU more inclusive and accessible for students of faith and...
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Fri 02 Dec 2016

students working with first bus

This year we have been working closely with First Bus to ensure their services to students are reliable and cost...
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Fri 25 Nov 2016

battling for uea student welfare

This week, us officers have been pulling together to work on the Student Experience Report. The report draws on a...
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Fri 18 Nov 2016

change the world from campus: students for international welfare

You can literally change the world from campus. Student activism is a powerful thing, and it’s never been...
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Fri 11 Nov 2016

Mental health over student monitoring

For many students, their academic advisor is their first port of call when they have a personal issue that affects...
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Fri 04 Nov 2016

mental health matters - our progress so far

Mental Health Matters is one of our 2016-7 priority campaigns, which means that throughout this year, we’re...
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Fri 28 Oct 2016

students are turning to sex work: we need to protect their rights

An increasing number of students are turning to sex work in order to fund their studies. I want to work...
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Fri 21 Oct 2016

Feeling tired? The Nap Nook is here for you

One of the questions I repeatedly got asked at the start of this term was ‘What is the Nap...
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Fri 14 Oct 2016

Domestic Abuse at UEA

When you picture domestic abuse, you rarely think of a University campus. But I know from personal experience that students...
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Fri 07 Oct 2016

Why we're taking "Good Night Out" into the City

As an SU Officer I also sit on the Welfare Committee of the National Union of Students, and last year...
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Thu 01 Sep 2016

about me

Hi there! I’m Jo Swo, I like long walks along the lake and getting caught in the rain. I...