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Thu 19 Apr 2018

Internships: what are your rights?

As the end of the academic year approaches many of you will be looking to the future in terms...
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Thu 15 Mar 2018

Extenuating Circumstances: how to apply

At UEA, if something adversely affects your studies and you're going not going to be able...
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Thu 08 Mar 2018

Reclaim the Night.

Today is International Women's Day, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of...
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Thu 01 Mar 2018

the multifaith centre: we want your views

At UEA, we are a diverse community of students from all different faith groups and denominations, students...
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Mon 19 Feb 2018

Alcohol impact survey: the results

Back in November, I wrote a blog asking you to fill out the National Union of Students' Alcohol Impact...
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Thu 15 Feb 2018

mental health isn't waiting

Last semester I wrote a blog about the waiting times for counselling services at UEA.  At uea...
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Thu 08 Feb 2018

changing the culture

Prof David Richardson, UEA Vice-Chancellor and India Edwards, UEA Students’ Union. Back in October 2016 I wrote that...
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Thu 01 Feb 2018

ten things to think about when renting

So, the Homerun list is out and you're off with your group of friends looking at...
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Thu 25 Jan 2018

Extenuating Circumstances: should you apply?

It's a new year at UEA and time to get started on your new modules and assignments...
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Thu 18 Jan 2018

Time to start house hunting

 Last semester I wrote a blog about house hunting to introduce you to the student rental ...
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