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India Edwards

welfare, community & diversity

Thu 16 Nov 2017

How much do students really drink?

Students as a whole have a bit of a reputation for heavy drinking, but is this a fair...
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Thu 09 Nov 2017

Islamic Prayer Space – where are we now?

Back in May, the University made the decision to permanently remove the Muslim daily prayer space in Lecture Theatre building...
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Wed 01 Nov 2017

changing the culture with leeway

At uea(su) we want everyone to have a really positive experience during their time at University. Through...
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Mon 23 Oct 2017

Extenuating Circumstances - an introduction

If something has adversely affected your studies this term, it's time to start considering whether you should apply...
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Tue 17 Oct 2017

Renting - know your rights

Renting privately is the way most non-first year students are accommodated while studying at UEA. It’s...
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Thu 12 Oct 2017

Enough is Enough- on the buses at UEA

I thought I should share my letter with David Jordan- the Marketing Manager  for First Eastern Counties Buses...
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Don't drop out, drop in

Starting University is a time of monumental change and the start of a new chapter in your life, so it...
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Thu 05 Oct 2017

UEA join us in saying it's never ok

On your way around campus, you may have noticed pavement graffiti carrying uncomfortable statistics. The messages, like ‘4 out...
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Thu 31 Aug 2017

UEA doesn’t always get it right- but we love it when it listens

I’m really pleased to blog that we have had news that the plan to bring in a £...
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Thu 03 Aug 2017

So much for a 'partnership' with students

Partnership. Most students have probably never read the “UEA Student Charter”, but in it promises that UEA will...
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