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Wed 08 Apr 2020

an update on the foodbank

Hi all, I hope you’re keeping safe and well! In todays blog I thought I’d give...
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Fri 13 Mar 2020

Coronavirus – An Update from Your Welfare Officer

Hello everyone, As you may well know by now a flat on campus is currently in self-isolation. I understand...
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Fri 06 Mar 2020

womens+ history month: own your period

It’s Women’s+ History Month! Whilst we are celebrating the contributions of all women, as your Welfare...
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Wed 19 Feb 2020

coronavirus - zero tolerance on racism

Hi everyone,   Amidst the coverage surrounding the coronavirus, we understand that this has led to the reporting of some...
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Tue 18 Feb 2020

the job is not done yet: why lgbtq+ history month is as important now as ever?

*Content warning: this description contains references to transphobia and mental health*  We’re halfway through LGBTQ+ History Month...
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Mon 03 Feb 2020

update on mental health since 'we will be heard'

What is we will be heard?   A written document designed to open the dialogue on mental health and...
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Mon 20 Jan 2020

report & support: our new campaign

Hi everyone!  As some of you may know, the SU has long established campaigns like Never Ok, Safer Taxi...
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Tue 14 Jan 2020

stigma – lets open up the conversation on mental health

STIGMA' is kicking up quite the buzz now but what actually is it? Stigma is a project made by...
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Fri 13 Dec 2019

staying on campus over christmas

Hi all, hope you are all well and close to finishing all your deadlines, if not keep going you got...
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Fri 06 Dec 2019

extending your deadlines

Hello all! I hope you are all well and are excited for the well-deserved holidays.   However, as...
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